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Tonight we had Constance Jones from The African Women’s Federation of SA (AWFOSA).

Constance moved from the UK with her family where she lived for 25+ years, after migrating from Sierra Leone. She worked as a senior Human Resources Adviser in a large local government in England and lectured at Worcester University in Derbyshire, after completing her MSc in Payroll Management.

Upon arriving in South Australia, Constance connected with the local Sierra Leone community. Her commitment to empowering women and communities, saw her take up positions as the first female community leader of the Sierra Leonean Community of SA and pioneered the Sierra Leone Women’s Association of SA. These volunteer roles allowed Constance to venture into what she is passionate about and what truly represents her as a person- Strengthening Communities, Creating an inclusive, Multicultural Society and Empowering Individuals. Currently the Manger for the African Women’s Federation of SA, which represents the interests of African women and their families in SA.

Constance is a Role Model, Community Leader, and Mentor, an amazing example of a volunteer who takes “service above self”- a Rotarian characteristic and aspiration.

The African Women’s Federation of SA (AWFOSA) is a community-based organisation which aims at empowering African women by equipping them with skills and knowledge that they need in order to be active participants and contributors, in their local and wider Australian Community as far as in, socio- economic, cultural and political aspects. The organisation, also provides core settlement services to ensures these women and their families successfully integrate into the Australian society.


To encourage and provide a forum for African women’s views to influence policy in government and to ensure the accessibility to mainstream services, appropriate services, representation on decision making bodies and participation in all aspects of Australian society for African women and youth.

If you like to learn more about Constance and the incredible work she does- please check out the below links: