Bon-Voyage Kirilly! Our RYEA student in Germany for 2019

Marg presenting Kirilly with her pennant.

On our last meeting in 2018 we meet Kirilly P., who is this year’s Rotary Youth Exchange student. She is headed off to Emded, Germany and the club would like to wish her Good Luck on her Adventure and look forward to her updates.

Kirilly was presented with her blazer by President Otto. As the new club did not have any pennants, Rotarian Marg White designed and made a number of beautifully machine embroidered pennants, one of which was presented to Kirilly to take overseas with her.

Marg & Otto seeing Kirilly off at the airport

Update from Lapland

A Message from our Exchange Student in Finland

Just a quick update. I now have just over five weeks left in Finland, Christmas and the new year are fast approaching. The mood here is well, I guess you could say jolly. I was at the Christmas market held every weekend in December leading to Christmas on Saturday. The market is held in the old part of Turku where the roads are cobblestones and the buildings at least one hundred years old. Seeing so many people out in the cold rugged up to do some shopping was pretty cool. It felt like I had gone back in time. I’ve got a packed schedule for the next week including two rotary Christmas dinners and rotary Christmas party. We have had a little bit of snow but it melts within twenty-four hours because it’s just not cold enough to stick around.


The Lapland trip was excellent. We had a slightly modified program because of a lack of snow but it was still a ball. We participated in activities such as husky sled rides, reindeer feeding and sled rides, skiing, sauna and much more.


I will leave you with a few photos from the past couple of weeks.

give my regards to Marion and the club,




Project Discovery Classic#3

Congratulations to Mike Smith, one of our very own members, who completed the Bike Ride for Project Discovery#3

The ride is 3 days long through the Adelaide Hills to raise funds for the Neil Sachse Centre in support of Spinal Cord Injury Research. To learn more about this event please visit their website.

Highlights of the Meeting on November 27th

Sandali who will be attending the NYSF forum in January 2019

NYSF Student

President Otto with NYSF representative Sindali from Wilderness School who is our recipient to the Science camp in Canberra.







School & Community Services Awards

Rotarian Mark presented the award winners at the four Golden Grove Schools:

Jayden D.of Golden Grove High School

Chelsea P. of Kings Baptist College

Stephanie M. from Pedare College

Unfortunately Melissa from Gleeson College was unable to attend.

The overall winner of Student of the Year was a tie: Chelsea P & Stephanie M.

Congratulations to all the finalists you service to community is an inspiration to us all!

To learn more about this Award please click Here.




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