Change-over Dinner for 2019/20

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Annual Change-over Dinner 2019/20

Tonight we had our annual hand-over dinner and introduced the world to the new board. It was a great night of toasts, awards and fellowship. Please checkout more pictures from the event HERE.

Immediate Past President Otto’s Report for 2018/19

“Be The Inspiration”.

That was this year’s Theme.       Did we live up to it??

Otto receiving a Certificate of Service Award for 2018/19 as club president

After the two clubs merged, we quickly melded together as one club and went to work.

We supported 4 local schools by providing cash prizes for their top students.

We assisted with The Farming Relief for Drought Affected Farmers.

The Calperum Youth Camp, which is run by Modbury High School was again supported in conjunction of the Rotary Club of Onkaparinga.

With “The Rotary Youth Exchange Program” we had Isaac Awramenko return from Finland and Imogen Morris came back from a year in Denmark, both students had a great experience.
Currently we have Kirrilee Pendergast on a one year exchange to Germany.

Jessica Ostendorf attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program successfully, and currently we have a candidate in Brent Heaver for this year’s program.

The Good News Award is now in its third year, and it will continue to be part of our program.

The club supported two of our members raising funds by riding their bicycles, one was in aid of Childhood Cancer Research, the other was for research into Spinal Cord Injuries, through the Neil Sachse Foundation.

We continued our support of Food Bank SA, and delivered Christmas Hampers again this year.

There is a Food Bank project under way in July to donate cans of food at the Tea Tree Plaza.

We supported the CFS, The Christmas Tree Festival, Christmas Party for Special Children (held at the Adelaide Zoo each year), and supported Dance SA (which helps Children to just enjoy Dance without pressure of achievement).

The highlight of the year was our involvement with Scout Jamboree Catering —- Not—-.

It was a long hot windy and dusty day for 8 of our members and will probably never be repeated again in our lifetime.

After finally finishing our shift after 8pm we experienced problems with the car, the motor shut down just in front of the Tailem Bend Hotel, and we had to rehydrate ourselves.

The club provided a Defibrillator to U 3 A, luckily no one had to use it yet, as far as we know.

We gave Monetary Support to Rotary Shelter Box, Queensland Flood Relief, The Christchurch Mosque Appeal and Rwanda Cyclone Relief.

We also relend money through our KIVA Account, which assists Under privileged communities in Africa and South America.

Finally, we again like every year since 1982, supported the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.

The eradication of Polio has been a Rotary Project since 1982, we are nearly there, it has taken 37 years so far, but there are just a couple of countries where we still have the disease.

In closing I would like to thank all current members and the board for their support they gave throughout the year, it was really appreciated.


Colin Willington, “Thank You” for all the assistance you provided.

To President-Elect Kevin Smith, I wish you and your board all the success, and you will have mine and the clubs support in the coming year.


“Be the Inspiration” was the theme this year.

Were we the Inspiration??   I think we were!!!


Celebrating 20 Years of the Emergency Medical Information Book

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A plaque was presented by Natalie of SA Ambulance Services celebrating 20 years of a successful product


It was a great night celebrating a enormous achievement at the TTG Golf Club.

Sales are up to 67,000 Books a Year and only getting stronger.



A Brief History of the Emergency Medical Information Book Project Inc.
In late 1998 a member of the Rotary Club of Tea Tree Gully, whilst employed as an Estimator, was approached by a Paramedic from the SA Ambulance Service seeking an estimate for producing a book that had been designed by a group of Paramedics.
This Estimate was required so that Service Clubs could be approached to get financial support for a Pilot Project in local area.
In the opinion of the member it was a worthwhile concept and one that the three Group 6 Rotary Clubs in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide could adopt as a Community Service Project.
A combined meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Tea Tree Gully, Modbury and Golden Grove was arranged and a Paramedic of SA Ambulance Service was invited to explain the concept of the book and possible Project to the members.
The Book, to be known as the Emergency Medical Information Book — hereafter referred to as EMIB — is a pocket size book in which individuals record their personal and medical history, together with a list of medications they are taking and other relevant details.
When completed the book folds in half and fits neatly into a plastic wallet which has three magnets for attaching to the refrigerator door.
In the event of an emergency, and an ambulance is called, the paramedics can recover and check the EMIB for information relevant to the patient and possibly assisting them in determining the possible problem and allowing them to commence treating the patient prior to and during the trip to hospital.


Guest Speaker of Meeting #18: Emma Staltari from Dance SA

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Emma Staltari from Dance SA was introduced by Rotarian Peter Rundle and spoke about the Elevate dance sponsorship program. We have been sponsoring Ben, an aboriginal student with learning delays from a brain development issue. He has been gaining a huge amount from attending dance classes. Dance SA is a leisurebased dance school who offer 1300 students, across 30 locations state wide the opportunity to learn dance in a non-competitive program. The Elevate Programme is a sponsorship platform that gives under privileged youth the opportunity to dance. A full year of tuition including performance fees is $700 per student. This includes 4 terms of classes, performance fees to cover their uniforms and medallion, two complimentary tickets for their carer/parents and a video of their performance for their family. Emma played video of Ben. He is very enthusiastic about dance. His mother attends all sessions and makes an effort to learn all the dance moves so Ben
can practice at home with her assistance. We saw extracts of his last performance and the absolute excitement on his face as he performed. His chest was held right out as he was awarded a medallion in the presentations after the performance. Emma provided Rotarians with a folder of information about the program as well as showed us the video clips. We were so impressed with Ben’s progress that the decision was made to sponsorship him again this year.

Entertainment Books for 2019/20

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We are selling Entertainment Books for 2019/20. If you are interested in buying one, they are $70 each and the proceeds of the sale goes to club projects. Both book & digital form are available, please either contact the club or click the picture below: