2022 NYSF Student- Mithusha

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Mithusha Kulatunga, addressed our club meeting tonight.
Our club recently sponsored him for the 2022 Nation Youth Science Forum.

He was very appreciative of the sponsorship and enjoyed the whole NYSF experience.
Mithusha is very passionate about the Universe as well as Aerospace Engineering and the human endeavour displayed by all the scientists involved in the program. Since Covid, NYSF is all online and zoom setups, but that didn’t fail to impress Mithusha as he was still able to communication and bond with like minded people. In fact it gave him the opportunity to talk to scientists in Switzerland! The experience further inspired him and reaffirm his decision in the field of physics.
Mithusha is currently getting his Pilots Licence, his 1st step into Space. He represented his s school, Kings Baptist College, and us with distinction , he will certainly go far.


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Clean Up Australia Day 2022, Baymor Reserve, Modbury

John Tilley Award Winner- Cooper W.

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Cooper W. from Modbury High School

Cooper Whitbread was presented the John Tilley Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Student at Modbury High School for 2021. It was an honor to recognise his contribution to the Modbury High School community.

Cooper has always been a driven and focused student, who constantly challenged himself to achieve academic excellence. He had a strong plan for his high school career and aimed to finish year 12 with the highest ATAR possible! However, academics wasn’t his only focus, Cooper picked up a range of extra-curricul ar activities, which included playing guitar, school bands, Pedal Prix, interschool sporting competitions, STEAM Works, academic competitions, and student support, tutoring & mentoring.  Outside of school, he was learning to code games while also playing cricket, footy and touch football.

During his Year 12, Cooper’s priorities began to change and started to choose activities that he knew could enable him to grow and become a better person. Rather than just be driven to get the highest grades possible, he became more interested in having a fun and fulfilling year doing as much as he possibly could. With reducing his stress, he was able to enjoy class more and didn’t become burned out like in previous years.

“Between the realization that I did not need A+ grades to get into my desired course, the positive impact I could make on those around me and the enjoyment that I was getting from spending time with different people, I knew that this was the right decision. I still worked hard on my studies and pushed myself with all assignments but I no longer needed the A+ to feel proud of myself.”

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2021 Overall Winner of the School & Community Service Award

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Tonight we finally got to meet Sam Olafson from Kings Baptist College, he is the overall winner of last years School & Community Awards, and he addressed our meeting.

Sam from Kings Baptist College, 2021 winner of School & Community Award

His passion for service started at an early age of 10. He became House Captain and excelled in music; and he was a Youth Leader at a camp for Year 7 boys. He is currently studying for a degree in Mathematics and wants make his mark in the Education System.

Congratulation!! We certainly wish him all the best in the future!

Please read more about this award by following this LINK.