Life Membership

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Congratulations to Keith Rendell who received LIFE MEMBERSHIP due his enduring and epic history with Rotary!

To learn more about how this new position is achieved, please click HERE.

Keith Rendell receives Life Membership
Keith with Kevin & Richard Harvey MP

2019 Project Discovery Classic#4

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“The team at the Neil Sachse Centre thank you for your
generous support of the ground-breaking research that forms
Project Discovery.”

Project Discovery Classic#4 with Otto, Michael, Deane and Neil Sachse

The Neil Sachse Centre’s Project Discovery Classic #4 Cycling Tour exceeded its 2019 fund raising target of $125,000, with donations still coming in. The total today is $130, 331; an outstanding result.  Thank you club member Michael Smith, who road in the tour raising funds & awareness. Our club is proud to support him and this amazing project.

To date, diagnosis of spinal cord injury has remained unchanged for 50 years, relying on skin sensitivity testing by skin pricking. Swelling associated with the injury itself takes months to resolve, masking the physician’s ability to accurately define the extent of the injury for the patient, and it limits the treatment options that can be administered to assist the patient’s recovery, and rehabilitation.

Project Discovery is designed to challenge that limitation.

It’s designed to provide detailed visual imaging of the spinal cord shortly after the injury, providing the physician with a precise understanding of the extent of the injury, and allowing immediate treatment appropriate to the injury to commence. It is possible earlier treatments with new drug regimens may provide improved outcomes for those who suffer a spinal cord injury.

Funds raised provide valuable support to Project Discovery and two other major initiatives for regenerative neural pathways and advanced neuro imaging. It also allows the Neil Sachse Centre to promote the need for research into spinal cord injuries, an injury that continues to occur at the same rate each year.

Funding for these research projects depends on community support to complement grants from agencies.


To learn more or make a donation, please follow the below link:


Student of the Year 2019

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Meet the Finalists of the School & Community Service Award 2019

2019 Community Service Student of Year Finalists




2019 Finalist- Lachlan E. from Golden Grove HS

Lachlan E. from Golden Grove High

-Involved in Science Competitions and Engineering Activities including winning the 2018 Channel 9 Young Achievers Innovation category.

-A developer of both hardware and software for the LoRaWAN Network, he has been working with the City of Tea Tree Gully as a junior IT analyst and was recently invited to take part in the Emerging Innovators panel as part of the Local Government Information Technology of South Australia Conference.

-After learning that some of our students were having to catch 2 buses to get to school, he successfully lobbied for a direct bus route from Golden Grove Village to the Mawson Lakes Interchange.


2019 Finalist- Kai G. from Pedare Christian College

Kai G. from Pedare Christian College

-Held leadership positions in Middle School, as a Community Service Captain, and in Senior School, as a Community Captain

-Been both a representative and convener of Pedare Student Voice – our student representative body.

-Had on-going involvement in Pedare Eco-Force – our group with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

-Made an Australian Flag as part of a Personal Project which has become an integral part of our College Assemblies, and been the Coordinator of the College Flag Bearers.

-Has introduced initiatives within the College for fund-raising, and College improvement projects


Luca T. from Gleeson College

(An Apology from the presentation night)

– Cancer Council Relay for Life Fundraiser

-National Young Leaders Conference

-Cadet Lance Corporal 413 ACU Keswick

-Various ANZAC Day Parades

-Support Rural Cadet Units

-College Well Being Week- Student Assistance

-College Winter Sleepout


And finally this year’s Overall Winner…..


2019 Winner- Tae C. from King’s Baptist Grammer

Tae C. from King’s Baptist Grammar School

-Head Prefect of King’s; excellent leader who continually encouraged younger students and represented King’s at many formal events.

-Organised major fundraiser for Louise Place through her Ballet school raising $895

– Led the Charity ball group which raised nearly $2000 through a Junior School Disco and a family Bingo night

-Worked with younger students to start an annual ‘Ignite the Gospel’ worship night for Senior school students and their families

-Was a nominee for the TTG Council Community Service Award for 2019

-Helped raise money towards ‘Organise Hair Aid’ that sends hairdressers to Bali to teach basic hairdressing skills


The club would like to congratulate all of the finalists, and you can see it was difficult to select one overall winner from this group of exceptional and motivated young people. They are all leaders in their schools and community and we hope they inspire fellow students to be generous and genuine in service towards others.

If you would like to know more about this award, follow this LINK.


The Rotary Drought Appeal

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Rotary Clubs of Australia and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank partner for National Drought Appeal


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has partnered with Rotary Clubs of Australia to raise money for drought affected farmers and farm communities across Australia. The appeal is run by Bendigo Bank’s charitable arm, Community Enterprise Foundation™ and money raised will be used to give charitable relief and aid recovery in locally identified drought affected areas.

Please follow the link for more information and to donate today: