Mt Barker Club’s Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds

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At tonight’s meeting we had a Guest Speaker- Mark Clemow from Mt Barker Rotary, he spoke about Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds (RORP).

Our guest speaker was Rotarian Mark Clemow from the Rotary Club of Mount Barker who heads up the RORP (Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds) program here in South Australia. The Playgrounds that have reached their “use by date” here in Australia are being replaced by councils & schools with new ones. The old ones are going into landfill. Those Playgrounds are still usable and can benefit children in countries like Sri Lanka and throughout South East Asia. The program was started in 2019 by Rotary in Victoria, and so far, they have recycled 50 playgrounds. There are 2000 Playgrounds marked for replacement per annum in Australia. Club liaison with the local Council is essential to identify the Playgrounds marked for replacement. Each part needs to be identified and marked for reassembly before being shipped overseas. The shipping will be done through Donations in Kind (DIK) and the reassembly will be overseen by the local Rotary Club.
This is a “Hands On” project that’s a WIN-WIN! as it will reduce landfill waste here in Australia and gives the simple joy of play to children of the world.

Get in touch with the RORP SA team via Mark Clemow of the Rotary Club of Mount Barker via email:


2021-22 Presidential Theme- “Serve to Change Lives”

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July 2021 marks the start of the New Rotary Year. Incoming Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta presented us with the 2021-22 presidential theme, Serve to Change Lives. Its a mission statement to encourage Rotary members to become more involved in service projects- saying that caring for and serving others is the best way to live because it changes not only other people’s lives, but also our own. To learn more about this year’s them please follow the LINK to Rotary International website. Our club seeks input from our local community for projects for us to help with and develop and become changemakers!

“Rotary kindled the spark within me to look beyond myself and embrace humanity.”

                              Shekhar Mehta
Rotary International President-elect

Roll-Over Dinner – Meet the Club Board for 2021-22

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Tonight we had our first Roll-over Dinner to mark the incoming Rotary Year. It was different from previous years “Change-over” presentations when we introduced a new president & board members- this time the current board decided to continue each of their positions into 2021-22! Please check out our club’s board membership profiles.

President Dean Bartley Report:

This last year has been a different type of Rotary Year, impacted by Covid, and forcing changes to the ways that we do things.  We however have continued with our support programs to schools across our catchment, and this year have taken on the sponsorship of the Pedal Prix team at the Heights school.  We look forward to ongoing contact with this school.  We have sponsored end of year awards across 4 senior schools.  No exchange students at this stage until travel is opened up. NYSF for year 11 students was a localised hybrid arrangement as it will be for next year.  Each of the awardees from the schools attended our club and made a presentation, it was great to hear from them.

Christmas hampers were provided by our club to the Salvation Army to assist those in need, and due to Covid 19, that was done differently to the way did it in the past.

Clean-up Australia – involved again.  Rotary International has adopted the environment as the 7th avenue of service.  The club is a member of Anstey Hill Support as are several of our members, and we include that as part of our service.

Bunnings BBQs are back on again, and we also helped with a couple of other BBQs as fund raisers, joining with 2 other clubs to cook sausages to celebrate the end of Ramadan at the Salisbury campus Uni SA.

We inducted 2 new members into the club this year and we hope to continue a long relationship with them.  Our international president has challenged each of us to invite a new member along and expand our numbers to enable a greater contribution to the community.

As we move forward into our next Rotary year we look forward to continue with our existing programs and plan for more community involvement including working with local government on local issues. As we serve to change lives.

Thank You to all our special guests who attended tonight and we would like to acknowledge the presence of two local MPs, Dr Richard Harvey and Blair Boyer. The Keynote Speaker, Ardys Bartley (amazing wife of Dean) a Regional Manager with Schools Ministry Group (SMG), which manage pastoral care workers in 280 schools across the state, spoke about the role of these people in our schools.

Ardys showed parallels between the new Rotary 21-22 Theme – ‘Serve to change lives’ and the mission of the SMG – bringing purpose and hope to students, staff and school communities. They are celebrating 30 years of partnering with local churches, schools, like minded mission organisations.

SMG offers Education Services – online, livestream and face to face courses for Professional Development and lessons; Chaplaincy Services suite – value-based seminars, general practical chaplaincy, wellbeing services. Someone who is well learns better and engages better with the community around them; Disaster & Recovery Ministry – in times of natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, bushfires etc.; and Critical incident funding – to provide additional support to a school community during time of crisis.

The “BRAVE” Kimochi came in handy for Ardys during her presentation. She explained how they are used in The Wellbeing Classroom – to increase student engagement.

Thank You Ardys Bartley for sharing with us tonight and educating us about the SMG.

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to US for making another Year! We also celebrate the original clubs service that combined to make RCMGG: 30 years of the Golden Grove Club & 39 years for Modbury Club.

In Loving Memory: Lesley Purdom

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Lesley Purdom

Our member of long-standing, Lesley Purdom, passed away peacefully on the 24th of April 2021, aged 84.

She worked tirelessly throughout her adult life for the community of Tea Tree Gully.

From 1970 until 2006 she served on the Council of Tea Tree Gully, with two terms as Mayor.

In 1991 she was the first Female Mayor elected for our city, and served until 1997.

Her second term was from 2000 to 2006 and in the year between she served as Councillor.

In 1995 she also joined the Rotary Club of Modbury (later to become Modbury Golden Grove in 2018).

She was awarded her Paul Harris Fellowship in 2002 for outstanding service to Rotary.

2011- 2012 she served as President of our Rotary Club (Modbury) with great distinction.

She was also patron of many community organisations, especially the Modbury Hospital Support Group, and also served as volunteer Justice of the Peace.


She lived a beautiful life and was a great inspiration. We will miss her.