The Good News Award

The Birth. The ‘Good News Award’ was initiated in 1986-87 to encourage members to nominate items which arose above the media-preferred standard of doom, gloom and despondency.  From a number of nominated candidates the inaugural winner was voted by members and partners to be the Adelaide Cranio-Facial Surgical Team. Sadly member support waned and the initiative was not pursued.
The Resurrection. The value of publicly acknowledging news of inspirational activities being voluntarily performed by individuals and groups within the community was again recognised in mid – 2017 and the former Modbury club reintroduced the concept of the Good News Award as a positive Public Relations initiative. Members were encouraged to nominate local news reports of inspirational deeds being done within the local community.  Every three months members were encouraged to vote on all nominated candidates with the winner being publicly presented at a club meeting with a certificate and a cash donation of $250.00. In March 2018 following a successful 12 month trial period, the club committed to continue this programme with a different member taking ‘ownership’ of each quarterly selection and presentation. At the March 2018 District Conference the Modbury club was awarded the Public Relations Award in acknowledgement of this programme.

NOW. As the newly merged club we are excited to continue the project.


August 2018  Chelsea Laratro A Music Therapist who works with people with brain injuries
February 2019 Krishiv Khanna A boy who raised money for Draught-Affected Farmers
April 2019 Penny Dunbar From the Modbury Ladies Probus Club, who organise more than 40 “Helping Handbags” for disadvantage women of TTG area.
July 2019 Holly Schutz A girl who wrote & illustrated a book called “I have 65 Roses” which raising fundsfor cystic fibrosis.
December 2019 Ken Stephens Kayaked solo approximately 2400km down the Murray River to raise money & awareness for DEBRA and Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).