2021 NYSF Student

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Tonight we met Sara, from Kings Baptist Grammar- with our support she will attend the National Youth Science Forum in 2021.

The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 10-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.

Next year NYSF program is shaping up to be very different- because of COVID-19 it has been decided that the students won’t be making the trip to Canberra and instead to stay local and attend online workshops, forums and events. There will be some on-site tours to industry and vocational places but it will be in accordance with new government restrictions. Sara, is the trail blazer in her family and has interest in Medicine and we hope NYSF will help her on her career journey.

Sara, from Kings Baptist Grammar- 2021 NYSF student.

2020 Tilley Award

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Congratulations this year’s recipient- Greta Matthias!, who you see above with our President Dean Bartley. We love supporting the students at Modbury High School and this is our 35th year in presenting this award. This year is particularly special as Greta is the younger sister of our 2018 winner- Josephine.

See More information about the John Tilley Memorial Award HERE.

Dean Bartley with Greta


During our club meeting on 12th January, we were finally able to hear from Greta herself. It was a long awaited presentation, as COVID and scheduling conflicts prevented us to meeting her earlier. She is described as a real life “Superhero” who strives to take action to better the world and the people in it. Please read below a brief summary of her speech:

Good Evening Rotary members. Thank you so much for sponsoring the John Tilley Memorial Award!

(Origin Story) I was born in the United States. By the time I was 4, I had already lived in 3 houses. In Rockford Illinois I started school but by the time I was seven my family was getting ready to move across the Pacific Ocean to Queensland. My first year in Australia was terrible but upon reflection we remember this bible verse. Romans 3:5 We glory in our suffering because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character and character hope. And hope does not disappoint. I started high school in Queensland but then we moved down to South Australia where I started year 9 at Modbury High School. Last year I was in year 12 and I had a wonderful experience. I was involved in both school bands, the athletics program, Student Voice Council, STEM club and Peer Tutoring.

(Gratefulness) Through my years I’ve always had a fantastic support network from family and friends. But there are those mentors who just come in every now and then to add their help. Some of these mentors are my teachers. However, I recently received an award akin to a mentor’s helping hand. The Outstanding student award is worth so much more than the money. It tells me that I was good enough to warrant your attention and for that I’d like to thank you once again!

(In the Future) With your gift I’ll be starting a mechanical engineering degree in March. I hope to go into the biomedical field where I’d be designing medical tools such as surgical instruments, stints or even maintaining the hospital machines like X-rays or MRI machines.

Thank You.

DG David Jones Visit

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On the 27th October we had our first visit from our District Governor David Jones and his wife Lyn.




DG David started by joining the Rotaract Club of Noarlunga in 1978 until 85 and attended
RYLA in 1980.
He attended and exchange in 1981 to D3040 India which included Mumbai, Madhya, Pradesh
and Gujarat.
David left Rotaract in 1985. In 2003 he then joined the Rotary club of Mitcham. He became
President of RC of Mitcham in 2007-08.
In 2011 David attended a group Study Exchange to D2350 Sweden
In 2020 David became our District Governor.

ROTARY’s Vision Statement

RI Strategic Priorities
To Achieve the Vision of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation, we have sent four priorities that are the stepping stones to helping Rotary realise its vision and the structure that is Rotary’s action plan.

1. Increase Our Impact •Eradicate Polio •Focus our programs and offerings •Improve our ability to achieve and measure impact
2.Expand Our Reach •Grow and Diversify our membership and participation •Crate new channels into Rotary •Increase Rotary openness and appeal •Build awareness of our impact and brand
3. Enhance Participant engagement •Support clubs to better engage their members •Develop a participant centred approach to deliver value •Offer new opportunities for personal and professional connection
4.Incease Our Ability to Adapt •Build a culture of research , innovation and willingness to take risks •Streamline governance, structure and processes •Review governance to foster more diverse perspectives in decision

International Presidents Holger’s Key Message

“Actively work to create new, innovative club models. Expand our reach by creating a satellite
club and by forming a community-based Rotaract Club.”

Expand Our Reach- New Clubs
• eClubs
• Satellite
• Passport
• Cause-based
• Corporate
• Rotaract

Increase Our Ability To Adapt
“Every club should host one strategic meeting each year and ask?”
• What should our club look like in 5 years time?
• What Value do we bring to members?
• What steps should we take to help achieve that vision.

Increase Our Impact
Engage new members and take care of them. There is no wrong age to become a Rotarian.”
‘Every new member changes us a little bit. That person brings a new perspective, new experiences. We need to embrace this constant renewal. We will grew stronger as we learn from new members and take their experience and knowledge.”

Increase Our Impact/Enhance Public Image
“ Continue your club’s efforts to End Polio by donating to End Polio Now and by hosting a World Polio Day Event in October. We must fulfill the promise that we make to the children of this world.”

Lyn’s Partner Project

Lyn Jones is an amazing innovator and supports her husbands DG position. She gave us a presentation on two of her passions. The first was about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). She gave us a history of the project, about how it started with “One Man’s Dream” in 1981 when Ian Scott from RC Mornington, Victoria proposed the establishment of a charitable fund, and raise a minimum of $2 Million for research. An aim that was untimely reached and has superseded in the last 30 years.

The other was Mental Health Research. She gave us two examples how we can get involved, one is with Australia Rotary Health- Lift the Lid Campaign> A familiar project, as up to this year our club hosted many HAT DAY Dinner fundraisers. And Mental Health First Aid> Developed by Professor Tony Jorm & Betty Kitchener. A project that aims to educate people to be more aware, so we can can Approach, Assess & Assist friends and family who are in crisis and successfully get them the help they need!



World Polio Day RAFFLE

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October 24th is World Polio Day, in honor of this event our club ran a small raffle raise money to support the END POLIO NOW Campaign.

We had two fantastic donated Prizes:

1st Prize– $500 Bunnings Warehouse

#Won by Leon V.S

2nd Prize– A Portable Picnic BBQ

#Won by David. P

The drawing occurred at Meeting#1697 by our District Governor David Jones (its was postpone from 13th October) and THANKS to everyone’s support we    managed to Raise: $750!!!

1st Prize Winner- Leon
2nd Prize Winner- David