Student of the Year

The School & Community Service Award (Golden Grove District) began with Golden Grove High School in 1997 and by 2022 the other 4 schools were also participating -Kings Baptist Grammar, Gleeson, The Heights School & Padare.


The AIM of this award is to promote and encourage youth to be active participants in our local community.

Time table for Award Nominations to close by 10th November, each year. Awards to be presented to the students in late November.  Award night to be held at one of the MGG Club’s Tuesday Meetings.

Award Selection Criteria Recognition for academic achievement is generally well supported within a school environment. We would like to provide recognition for other individuals who may not necessarily be academically outstanding but nevertheless demonstrate excellent leadership skills worthy of meritorious award.

A student would become a suitable candidate if:

“Through their personal initiative, enthusiasm and diligent efforts over their schooling years they provide support and service to the local community; either to individuals, groups, the school or the environment for their betterment in a manner that could be described as outstanding by comparison to their peers.” 

School Participation Rotary Club of Modbury Golden Grove requires all schools/colleges in the Golden Grove area to nominate one student for this award. The four schools comprise of:

1. Gleeson College

2. Golden Grove High School

3. Kings Baptist Grammar School

4. Pedare Christian College 

5. The Heights School 

Rotary Club Participation Rotary Club of Modbury Golden Grove will present each of these students with an award certificate for recognition of their achievement and a prize (monetary) .

A perpetual trophy in the form of a shield can be made available, to be retained by the school, as an annual award.

The Rotary Club of Modbury Golden Grove will select on Overall Winner from the 4-school/college winners to become Golden Grove District- School & Community Service Student of the Year. This student will receive a certificate of recognition as well as a prize (monetary).

Additionally, the recipients would be invited to address the Rotary Club of Modbury Golden Grove as a Guest Speaker to discuss their community achievements which would assist their public speaking skills in a community forum.

“Service Above Self”

Please see more Award photos Here.

Year Overall Winners
2018 Celsea P. (Kings Bapist Grammar) & Stephaie M. (PedareChristian College)- Joint 1st Place
2019 Tae C. from Kings Bapist Grammar
No Overall Winner was selected this year.
Sam O. from Kings Baptist College

Runner Up: Emmanuel W. from Golden Grove HS

2022 Elijah H. from Kings Baptist Grammar