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Hi all,

Just an update of where we are at:

  • Meetings: Tonight’s physical meeting is cancelled but we are conducting an online (Zoom) meeting as per Otto’s previous email.


  • Future Meetings: The Grove Tavern is now Closed until at least the end of Apri,l so there will be no physical meetings until at least May. More online (Zoom) meetings to come.


  • Committee Meetings: I suggest a similar online / email process – TBC


  • Sausage Sizzles: Bunnings have Closed sizzles until further notice. Even once they are back up and running I strongly suspect there will be a massive re-distribution of allocations to give everyone a fair chance at some fund raising. This means a re-think of the proposed expenditure as our income will be severely depleted.


These are testing times my friends but it is essential we remain calm and follow Government advice, recommendations, and directions.


For those of you that are required to self-isolate please reach out to the rest of us if you need anything.