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13-year-old student Nomiki Thomas published a fictional children’s book called “Goodbye” for her Year 7 personal project last year.

President Alan & Nomiki Thomas

Tonight, at our club meeting (#1732), Nomiki presented her journey of writing the book and becoming a published author by the age of 13! An amazing achievement for someone so young and we happily support such passion.

As part of the Year 7 curriculum at her old school in 2021, students were required to complete a Personal Project. Nomiki decided that for her Personal Project she wanted to write and publish a book and donate part proceeds from the sale of her book to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Since the publication of her children’s book “Goodbye”, Nomiki has been invited to speak at numerous clubs, invited to speak at Prospect Council’s Children’s Writing Completion presentation ceremony, and won the 2022 Walkerville Council Young Volunteer Award for her sense of social responsibility and her regular involvement in a vast range of fundraising activities and leadership attributes.

“Goodbye” is about Anne – a public school student, who is told her father has died when it is not actually the case. Anne’s adventure begins when she finds a letter addressed to her.

“Goodbye” is written for children aged 8-12 years old, and available for sale at Dymocks Bookstore Adelaide, and Dillon’s Bookstore Norwood.

Well done Nomiki. We look forward to your next publication!