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Congratulations to all the recipients of our 2022 School & Community Service Awards



🎉Elijah H. from King’s Baptist Grammar School is our overall Winner for 2022!

Elijah H. Kings Baptist Grammar
Elijah H. Kings Baptist Grammar


Elijah has been an outstanding prefect at King’s Baptist throughout 2022, demonstrating a servant heart in all of his interactions, as said by a head of the senior school who nominated him for this award.

He has been a regular constant in terms of service throughout his time at King’s, however, here are some areas he has served in 2022.

Prefect Role

Elijah’s selection as a prefect was grounded on his many years of service at King’s – his servant work in 2022 is not a one off, this approach to life is at his core. He has completed the many tasks of being a prefect in a thorough and reliable manner and set a wonderful example to those who will follow.


Escape is a boys mentoring group Elijah helps lead. Between 15 and 20 Year 7 boys attend each Thursday at lunchtime. There are formal and informal elements to this program but the purpose of the group is to provide our middle school students with some senior mentor for them to feel connected to and to help them navigate the challenges of that age.


Elijah helped coordinate the school’s contribution to the Ping-pong-athon event which raises money and awareness for those suffering from human slavery and trafficking. As part of this event Elijah played a key role in establishing the online registration process for participants and also helped coordinate the major BBQ fundraiser for this event

Youth Leadership

Elijah volunteers at Clovercrest Baptist Church as a youth leader.

Church Café

Elijah is a regular volunteer at Quench Café

Worship Team

Elijah is an active member of the Church worship team as a drummer. This involves not only weekly ‘performances’ at official services during the week, there are also planning sessions with the wider worship team that Elijah commits to each week. This is a great way to volunteer within his Church community and connect with a wide range of people.

Pathways Community Centre

Elijah volunteers at Pathways Community Centre which is a not for profit centre that supports the local community in a number of ways and is financed through the ‘Op’ shop it has on its premises. In addition to the shop front,  other work includes providing food for those in need which is delivered to members of the community, in partnership with local businesses, schools and churches.


🌟The award running ups are Daniel M. from The Heights School and Grace G. from Golden Grove High-school.

Grace G. Golden Grove HS
Grace G. Golden Grove HS
Daniel M. The Heights School
Daniel M. The Heights School










Thank you all for your amazing community spirit!