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Last night’s meeting we had Guest Speaker- Ashlee McLeod, the 2022 winner of the Rotary John Tilley Award from Modbury High School.

Ashlee describes herself as always been a pretty busy person. Dancing since she was about 4 years old which has led her to develop quite a few different skills that have helped her in life. She was known for helping the younger children in her dance studio, and was eventually asked to become an Assistant Dance Teacher. Since then, she would volunteer her time on Saturdays to help with multiple classes for a variety of ages of children. At out performances, she would help organise the other performers, as well as keep them entertained and focused when waiting back stage.

Throughout High School, Ashlee has been a part of many different school activities. For example, an executive in the Student Voice Council, through which she was an active member and pushed for many changes at the school.

I was a part of peer support in year 10 in which I would go to a year 8 home group and do activities with them for the first semester of school to get them acclimated to this new environment. Due to me putting my name down to be a captain, in year 11 I was able to attend a leadership conference to hear from other leaders from other schools as well as participate in many different activities.

In year 11 Ashlee gained her first part time employment opportunity as a swimming instructor at State Swim. It was a good fit as she already had quite a bit of experience working with children through dance.

During her year 12 studies Ashlee challenged herself by completing some rather difficult classes, including specialist maths, mathematical methods and physics. Achieving high grades that continued throughout her final year, all culminated in receiving a very high ATAR score which was enough for her to get into her desired university degree

Ashlee graduated valedictorian at Modbury High School, the same ceremony, she received the John Tilley Rotary Award 2022.

It was quite exciting to receive as it was not something I was expecting, but I was very grateful to receive it. Half of the award money I received went towards paying for my expenses for university and the other half went into my savings as I am hoping to study overseas in the next few years.

Ashlee in currently in her first year of university, studying a Bachelor of Science (Space Science & Astrophysics). She has joined many different clubs, through which she has met many like-minded people. Ashlee still continues to teach children to dance and works as a Swimming Instructor. Recently, she has became a member of the Academy for Deloitte at the university which is a program which helps students find paid internships and learn skills that will help them in their future careers.

In the future, I hope to study overseas, possibly either the US, the UK or Japan. I’m also planning to receive post-graduate degrees as I wish to one day work within the research field.