Report from Imogen M. from Denmark

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Here is an update from our sponsored RYEA student Imogen in Denmark

How is everything going downunder?

Everything is great down here in Denmark. My second host family is VERY nice, I moved there a month ago and I also baked a cake for them and my host dad’s parents today. We are having lovely weather down here, nice warm days. Its actually the hottest summer in 400 years so I think either I brought it with me or I’m very lucky. I went to Copenhagen for the first time last Sunday and it was so beautiful. I saw a place called Nyhavn which is a colorful Danish harbor and I took a boat tour with a lovely exchange student friend from New Zealand called Macy.  We also went to the Tivoli carnival that’s near Copenhagen. It was so amazing, there were so many rides. It was almost like a smaller, Danish version of Disneyland with less people and probably better prices. haha.

I’ve been on Eurotour and had the experience of a lifetime. I think Berlin and Prague were my favorite destinations. The Berlin Cathedral is so beautiful!! We also went to Disneyland in Paris. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! There were 43 other students on the Euro tour bus and they were all really nice.

Answering your question about the students in class. Yes they are all alright at English. There are a few very good English speakers as well, one of the girls actually went to Australia on some kind of exchange as well which is cool ! One of the other girls also did a similar thing in India ! They are both my tutors actually and they are the best at English in my class I think.

Imogen M.

7 July 2018

Prague- Euro Tour 2018

Latest Good News Award Winner

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Congratulations to our latest winner of The Good News Award:  Chelsea Laratro

Ron Kelly presents award to Chelsea on 28th Aug. 2018

Chelsea is a Music Therapist who works with people with brain injuries. Music therapy can be used to enhance social skills, emotional skills, motor skills and communication skills. This is done by employing different techniques and interventions such as song writing, instrument playing, rhythmic activities and drawing to music. Chelsea spoke of seeing participants open up and talk, express themselves, participate and join into social situations. It has changed the lives of many of them in positive ways. As a person very keen on music and with a Psychology and Science background, to find a job where she can help others in such a positive way and utilize her music skills gives her great joy and a sense of accomplishment. An inspiration to others through her ability to touch and inspire.

Chelsea talking to Rotarian Keith Rendell and her mother talking to Ron Kelley.

Update from Isaac in Finland

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Here is an update from our sponsored exchange student Isaac in Finland 

My summer was great and the weather was exceptional this year. I’ve got one more week of school then exam week to finish this first period. That means that the summer holidays ended 6 weeks ago already. Since school started up again time has flown by.

My family will be visiting in a couple weeks which I am excited about. I have district camp the weekend they arrive which I’m really looking forward to. Having the new exchange students around is nice but it’s strange because they’re not the same as the old ones. But things are going really well overall.

My host family has been really good to me. In four months’ time today I will be home which is crazy so I’m just trying to enjoy every minute here.

Kind Regards,

Isaac. A

14 September 2018

Tree Planting In recognition of the Port Arthur tragedy

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In recognition of the Port Arthur tragedy on 28/29 April 1996 the R.C. of Modbury, in conjunction with Trees for Life and staff and students of Modbury Primary School, undertook a planting of 35 eucalypts and casuarinas on a recently cleared reserve at Sandalwood Drive, St. Agnes. Each plant was intended to reflect upon the life of each of the victims of the rogue gunman on that fateful day. The planting was undertaken in May 1996.

In 2018 the City of TTG Council undertook significant refurbishment of the planted area including the replacement of a number of the plants which had not survived the initial planting.

-Written by Keith Rendell