2020 Tilley Award

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Congratulations this year’s recipient- Greta Matthias!, who you see above with our President Dean Bartley. We love supporting the students at Modbury High School and this is our 35th year in presenting this award. This year is particularly special as Greta is the younger sister of our 2018 winner- Josephine.

See More information about the John Tilley Memorial Award HERE.

Change-over 20/21

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20/21 MGG Club Board- Kevin, Rob, Otto, Peter & Dean.

On July 14th 2020 our club had its Annual 20-21 Change-over dinner at the Highbury Hotel to introduce the new year’s MGG’s club president –Dean Bartley and the club board members.

New board consists of Kevin-Immediate Past President, Otto- Vice President, Rob Carthew- Secretary, Peter Rundle- Treasurer, and John -Community Director (who was an apology for the dinner).

Jane Owens

We had a number of special guests on the night, including local politicians, but we would love to thank past District Governor Jane Owens. She gave a great presentation on Rotary International, this year’s Theme, and the recent merger of our Rotary District to 9510.

This new Rotary year sees us become a new District- District 9510. As you know this has been the making for the past 3 years. We will, undoubtedly have some challenges and opportunities with it. It may not all happen in the first year but as we have all seen in the year just gone we have perseverance and endurance and we will make sure we have a bigger and better district in 9510.


Jane introduced us to a new area of focus for the District- “Supporting our Environment”. This now makes 7 areas of focus for clubs to contribute to and support. The others causes follow: Peace & Conflict Resolution; Disease Prevention; Water & Sanitation; Maternal & Child Health; Basic Education & Literacy; Economic & Community Development. We also still and always engage in the GLOBAL eradication of Polio!

Rotary International’s Vision Statement:

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

During the evening we unveiled this year’s Rotary Theme: “Rotary Opens Opportunities” with the iconic symbol of three open doors in red, yellow & blue. This was chosen by this year Rotary International President, Holger Knaack– in his opening address he said “Rotary isn’t just for people to join but rather an invitation to endless opportunities. We have many and interesting and diverse ways available to us. Each and every club has it’s own unique culture and context upon which to do so…our opportunities are endless”. Since 1949-50, each RI President has chosen a theme based on something that is important to them and its designed to inspire us to continue to make the world a better place! President Knaack is a CEO of a real estate company in Germany and I guess no stranger to charging through an “open door” when its presented.

President Dean introducing new RI Theme for 20/21

President Dean commented on a number of changes over the last 15 years, with less regular meetings; E-clubs; no vocational memberships; relaxing of attendance rules; and satellite clubs. But we must continue to evolve and we have to look to the future to grow and develop our membership. He proposed our next year’s focus should be supporting young people and local schools- to look for new projects, local and perhaps international.

We need to honor our past and embrace our future that way Rotary will not only remain relevant but thriving. -Jane Owens

Kevin presenting his report for 2019/20

Immediate past president Kevin, gave his annual report for 2019/20.

The Rotary Theme for 2019-2020 was “Rotary Connects The World”. In my introduction last year, I first noted that I intended to consolidate the beginnings of our new club that Otto has worked on. I am pleased to observe that the club now operates almost as if it has always existed as such. Thanks to the hard work of IPP Otto in bedding down the new entity the Rotary Club of Modbury Golden Grove has emerged as a stronger group, maintaining the ideals of Rotary.

Kevin was an energetic president who should be proud of his work and leadership of the club in past year. You can read his full report HERE.


A successful night of friendship, family, networking and fellowship. We look forward to the next year’s challenges and opportunities. Please see the gallery below of more pictures from the event. 





Student of the Year 2019

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Meet the Finalists of the School & Community Service Award 2019

2019 Community Service Student of Year Finalists




2019 Finalist- Lachlan E. from Golden Grove HS

Lachlan E. from Golden Grove High

-Involved in Science Competitions and Engineering Activities including winning the 2018 Channel 9 Young Achievers Innovation category.

-A developer of both hardware and software for the LoRaWAN Network, he has been working with the City of Tea Tree Gully as a junior IT analyst and was recently invited to take part in the Emerging Innovators panel as part of the Local Government Information Technology of South Australia Conference.

-After learning that some of our students were having to catch 2 buses to get to school, he successfully lobbied for a direct bus route from Golden Grove Village to the Mawson Lakes Interchange.


2019 Finalist- Kai G. from Pedare Christian College

Kai G. from Pedare Christian College

-Held leadership positions in Middle School, as a Community Service Captain, and in Senior School, as a Community Captain

-Been both a representative and convener of Pedare Student Voice – our student representative body.

-Had on-going involvement in Pedare Eco-Force – our group with a focus on the environment and sustainability.

-Made an Australian Flag as part of a Personal Project which has become an integral part of our College Assemblies, and been the Coordinator of the College Flag Bearers.

-Has introduced initiatives within the College for fund-raising, and College improvement projects


Luca T. from Gleeson College

(An Apology from the presentation night)

– Cancer Council Relay for Life Fundraiser

-National Young Leaders Conference

-Cadet Lance Corporal 413 ACU Keswick

-Various ANZAC Day Parades

-Support Rural Cadet Units

-College Well Being Week- Student Assistance

-College Winter Sleepout


And finally this year’s Overall Winner…..


2019 Winner- Tae C. from King’s Baptist Grammer

Tae C. from King’s Baptist Grammar School

-Head Prefect of King’s; excellent leader who continually encouraged younger students and represented King’s at many formal events.

-Organised major fundraiser for Louise Place through her Ballet school raising $895

– Led the Charity ball group which raised nearly $2000 through a Junior School Disco and a family Bingo night

-Worked with younger students to start an annual ‘Ignite the Gospel’ worship night for Senior school students and their families

-Was a nominee for the TTG Council Community Service Award for 2019

-Helped raise money towards ‘Organise Hair Aid’ that sends hairdressers to Bali to teach basic hairdressing skills


The club would like to congratulate all of the finalists, and you can see it was difficult to select one overall winner from this group of exceptional and motivated young people. They are all leaders in their schools and community and we hope they inspire fellow students to be generous and genuine in service towards others.

If you would like to know more about this award, follow this LINK.


Change-over Dinner for 2019/20

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Annual Change-over Dinner 2019/20

Tonight we had our annual hand-over dinner and introduced the world to the new board. It was a great night of toasts, awards and fellowship. Please checkout more pictures from the event HERE.

Immediate Past President Otto’s Report for 2018/19

“Be The Inspiration”.

That was this year’s Theme.       Did we live up to it??

Otto receiving a Certificate of Service Award for 2018/19 as club president

After the two clubs merged, we quickly melded together as one club and went to work.

We supported 4 local schools by providing cash prizes for their top students.

We assisted with The Farming Relief for Drought Affected Farmers.

The Calperum Youth Camp, which is run by Modbury High School was again supported in conjunction of the Rotary Club of Onkaparinga.

With “The Rotary Youth Exchange Program” we had Isaac Awramenko return from Finland and Imogen Morris came back from a year in Denmark, both students had a great experience.
Currently we have Kirrilee Pendergast on a one year exchange to Germany.

Jessica Ostendorf attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program successfully, and currently we have a candidate in Brent Heaver for this year’s program.

The Good News Award is now in its third year, and it will continue to be part of our program.

The club supported two of our members raising funds by riding their bicycles, one was in aid of Childhood Cancer Research, the other was for research into Spinal Cord Injuries, through the Neil Sachse Foundation.

We continued our support of Food Bank SA, and delivered Christmas Hampers again this year.

There is a Food Bank project under way in July to donate cans of food at the Tea Tree Plaza.

We supported the CFS, The Christmas Tree Festival, Christmas Party for Special Children (held at the Adelaide Zoo each year), and supported Dance SA (which helps Children to just enjoy Dance without pressure of achievement).

The highlight of the year was our involvement with Scout Jamboree Catering —- Not—-.

It was a long hot windy and dusty day for 8 of our members and will probably never be repeated again in our lifetime.

After finally finishing our shift after 8pm we experienced problems with the car, the motor shut down just in front of the Tailem Bend Hotel, and we had to rehydrate ourselves.

The club provided a Defibrillator to U 3 A, luckily no one had to use it yet, as far as we know.

We gave Monetary Support to Rotary Shelter Box, Queensland Flood Relief, The Christchurch Mosque Appeal and Rwanda Cyclone Relief.

We also relend money through our KIVA Account, which assists Under privileged communities in Africa and South America.

Finally, we again like every year since 1982, supported the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.

The eradication of Polio has been a Rotary Project since 1982, we are nearly there, it has taken 37 years so far, but there are just a couple of countries where we still have the disease.

In closing I would like to thank all current members and the board for their support they gave throughout the year, it was really appreciated.


Colin Willington, “Thank You” for all the assistance you provided.

To President-Elect Kevin Smith, I wish you and your board all the success, and you will have mine and the clubs support in the coming year.


“Be the Inspiration” was the theme this year.

Were we the Inspiration??   I think we were!!!